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Produce full range of online VDO media with outstanding formats to create trends in the digital world.

We filmed with a professional team. The choice of modern equipment, lighting, lighting, composition in location, shooting with green screen scenes.

Working with our video editing company couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s corporate training videos, family fun memory hours, or exciting GoPro footage, Motion graphic / 2D animation, we’ve got the hassle of editing. Let us help you.

– Prepare a 1-minute VDO including filming fees (excluding travel expenses) 5,000 ฿
– Able to solve work 3 times, if more than three times, charge 500 ฿.
– If you want to add a sub, there will be an additional cost of 500 ฿.

We help plan conversations with Story Board to create VDO.We take care of this continuity. Customers can consult at any time.

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